Company History


Veridoc is an emerging group of professional involved in new technology discovery, business strategy, IP and IT management with worldwide presence to provide and serve its value strategic partners and IP owners.

Being a global minded enterprise and always strives to give the best to its strategic partner, VeriDoc conducts on-going research and development to improve and to protect product design, invention and branding. With our mission to evade any potential infringement in patent, industry design, branding and forgeries in terms of counterfeiting of product by reverse engineering. Veridoc will journey together with their strategic partner to provide business comercialization on their product to license, technology transfer and valuation of their IP product.

VeriDoc engage in customization, designing and providing solution for counterfeit and brand protection of products.

With our strong techncal background, Veridoc has a group of specialist who are constantly active in intellectual properties professionals since 2009. Veridoc specialize in patent, trademark, industry design, copyright, enforcement and litigation mattter in Malaysia as well as globally. Since then, Veridoc has grown with a team of skill and committed scientist, legal Professionals and business entrepreneurs in asia and world wide.

Over the years, we had advised and handled a wide range of IP related issue and Veridoc commited to strive to give our strategic partner the best solution and to perform excellent in services.